Porcelain Dollmakers Business Association of Oklahoma

The Porcelain Dollmakers Business Association of Oklahoma (PDBAO) is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting the art of porcelain doll making. The PDBAO consists of professional porcelain doll makers in Oklahoma who volunteer their time to provide the yearly event known as the Okla. City Doll Show.
Their mission is to encourage the continuation of porcelain doll making through the following areas:
Education: Each year talented instructors are sought after to teach the most current techniques and to provide creative ideas and projects in the areas of doll making, accessories or just-for-fun projects.

Competition: The doll competition encourages people to become the best doll makers they can be by competing against themselves. It allows doll makers to receive professional feedback on their work and to receive recognition of their achievements through various awards.

Providing Resources: The sales room is designed to offer products and resources used in the process of making beautiful porcelain dolls. Dealers come from all over to bring their wares for you to see in person and to establish relationships with their customer.

Banquet: The Banquet brings everyone together to celebrate the love of doll making while recognizing fellow doll makers for their achievements in the Doll Competition.

Friendship: Together, and only together, can we support one another in the pursuit of happiness. The Show allows us to meet new and old friends and to have fun with others who share the same passion for porcelain doll making.

Volunteers are Needed!

We are seeking your support and participation in this event through your donation of a Helper Item or giving an hour of your time.  Volunteering is a way for you to make the show a special and memorable event for you and everyone else involved.  Please volunteer for one of the following areas:

1.  General Volunteer

This is a participant who is willing to donate an hour or more of their time in the areas they are most needed. This may include the Registration Desk, Competition Room guarding the competition dolls on display, selling Helper tickets or collecting Workshop forms.

Interested participants may contact Jody Cook at (405) 769-4567 or jody@ourvilladolls.com.

2.  Helper Items

Helpers items are dolls, doll costumes and accessories, books, molds, and other doll-related items generously donated by individuals, participants, doll shops or manufacturers.  Helper items will be displayed and you may purchase Helper item tickets beginning Friday through Sunday afternoon. The drawing will take place at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

We are seeking your support and participation in this event through your donation of Helper items. To donate to the Helper Drawing, please contact Jody Cook at (405) 769-4567 or jody@ourvilladolls.com .