Mini-EXPO 2018 DOLL SHOW and Doll Artisan Guild® Qualified Competition
Spencer's Event Center, 9900 N.E. 23rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73141
Sat., August 4th

Individual Registration Form

DAG Approved Event

Doll Competition Rules and Information

1. Dolls Entered must be entered in the name of the person who made it.  Be sure to enter your doll in the proper category. Entries must be made in one classification only.  An individual cannot be entered as a Professional in one category and a Non-professional in another.  Only Doll Artisan Guild members may submit dolls with affidavit for D.A.G. Titles.

2. Entries will be turned in Friday, August 3, 2018, 8:30am – 3:00pm at Our Villa Dolls, 9834 N.E. 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73141. (Dolls entered for D.A.G. Titles must be pre-registered, with appropriate paperwork, post-marked no later than July. 21, 2018.)   Each doll will be given a claim number with a receipt.  By entering this competition, all entrants are obliged to leave their dolls on display until the specified time for pick up.  Pick up time will be 4:30pm on Saturday, August 4th.  A receipt will be needed to pick up dolls.  Arrangements must be made if you cannot pick up your doll.  Out of town entries may be mailed at the owner's risk to:  Doll Entry, c/o Our Villa Dolls, 9834 N. E. 23rd St., Okla. City, OK 73141.  Be sure that boxes are carefully packed.  Entries should be received no later than August 1, 2018.  The entries will be returned at owner’s expense in their original mailing boxes after the competition.  Please prepay return shipment fee of $25.00.  For more information, contact Jody Cook at the above address, (405)769-4567 or email .

3. The Porcelain Dollmakers Business Association will not be responsible for any damages or theft, though great care will be taken in the handling and security of all dolls.

4. The following types of dolls may NOT be entered:  Dolls over 36” tall, dolls that have been entered before in a DAG or DAG-qualified competition, commercial work, entries made from kits (purchased, soft-fired bisque kits are ok), entries with “studio markings,” entries made in seminars, class (meaning: in a class setting under the tutelage/guidance of a teacher/instructor), work in private lessons; work by D.A.G. judges, instructors and teachers.  The Association reserves the right to reject any entry which is deemed to be inappropriate.

5. Doll Preparation:

MarkingsAll dolls must be incised in the greenware, in the head (shoulder heads on plate) with initials and year (4 digits).

Stands and Props – Please have dolls secured (not wobbly) on an appropriately sized stand, base, chair or cradle for the doll.  Sitting dolls, without a stand, must be able to sit on their own.  The base of doll stand/furniture together should be no larger than 14” x 14”.  Oversized stands or furniture will not be allowed.  Submit your doll without props if possible.  If your doll has Props/accessories such as purses, parasols, baskets, etc., please secure these to the doll.  Points will be deducted for dolls or items that are not secure.

Costuming – Your doll should be submitted completely dressed, including appropriate underwear and footwear.  Dolls in the antique reproduction categories will be judged for the authenticity and similarity to the antique doll.

6. Judging and Awards

Experienced judges will judge each entry.  The judges will complete a comment/score sheet for each doll entered.  These will be given to every participant at the time of reclaiming their dolls.  Scores and comments will reflect the judges’ joint opinions.  The judges’ decisions are final.

Each doll will be judged on its own merits.

All dolls will receive a ribbon based on the score received:

90-100 points          Blue                             Class:   P – Professional *

76-89 points            Red                                          N -- Non-professional *

65-75 points            White                                       Y -- Youth

Less than 65           No ribbon awarded                    S -- Senior

The best blue ribbon doll in each category will receive a “Best of Category” rosette.    The rosettes include, but are not limited to:


Authentic Reproduction of Dolls made before 1930                

1 -- Baby & Toddler *

2 -- German Children *

3 -- Mechanical & Walking

4 -- Doll-House Dolls *

5 -- All-Bisque *

6 -- French Children *

7 -- Milettes & Smaller French *

8 -- Fashions *

8a -- Chinas and Parians

Modern Doll Artists Dolls

9 -- Modern under 16”

10 -- Modern 16” – 36”

11 -- Modern Dolls in DDP with painted eyes  *

Special Categories

12 -- Imagination

13 -- Original Porcelain Sculpt with Porcelain Hands and Feet

14 -- Fantasy Original

15 -- Original Sculpture, Non –fired clay

16 -- Original Sculpture Cloth Doll

17 -- Decorative China Painting (includes figurines, half-dolls)

18 -- Vinyl Reborn/Repaint

19 -- Teddy Bears

20 -- Dolls in Boxes

21 -- Theme

22 -- Costuming-Antique--(Costume on body with painted or unpainted head.  Painting will not be judged unless also entered in another category)

23-- Costuming-Modern--(costume on body with painted or unpainted head.  Painting will not be judged unless entered in another category)

* -- Categories eligible for Doll Artisan Guild Titles.  For details, please check page 2.

Best of Category Rosette winners will compete for Best of Show Trophy.

Trophies will be awarded to the best entry in each major category.

Dolls may also be eligible for awards from various manufacturers.

Mini-EXPO 2018 Doll Show and Doll Artisan Guild® Qualified Competition

Spencer's Event Center, 9900 N.E. 23rd St., Oklahoma City, OK, 73141

August 4, 2016

Pre-Registration Deadline for D.A.G. Titles is July 1, 2018

Page 2

Read below only if you are interested in entering dolls for the



DAG Master of Dollmaking titles.

Classic:  This title requires that you win at least a red ribbon in a qualified authentic reproduction category.

Modern:  This title requires that you win at least a red ribbon in the category for Modern Dolls in Dimensional Doll Painting (DDP) with Painted Eyes.

General:  If you win a blue ribbon your Master’s certificate will be marked “with honors.”  You must make the dress and underwear for the doll yourself and sign a special affidavit to this effect.*

DAG Grand Master of Dollmaking title requires blue ribbon either in a category for authentic reproduction or in the category for Modern Dolls in Dimensional Doll Painting (DDP) and with painted eyes in DDP Technique.  Certain dolls are excluded.  You must make the entire costume, underwear, wig, shoes, stockings, hat, and eventual accessories yourself.  See further affidavit form for Grand Master title.*

The ribbon requirement for the GM title might be waived for dollmakers aged 70 and up.  Please contact DAG for further details.

DAG Triple Crown of Dollmaking title requires a high blue ribbon (min. 95 points) either in a category for authentic reproduction or in the category for Modern Dolls in Dimensional Doll Painting (DDP) and with painted eyes in DDP technique.

Certain dolls -- including Boy Dolls -- are excluded.  Dolls chosen, must have feathered eyebrows and painted upper and lower lashes.  Complete details on affidavit.*



Affidavit(s) will only be accepted with your doll if you have completed the DAGSD part on the registration form.  (You may change your mind and enter without affidavit if you wish.)  Only people who have pre-registered their affidavit(s) may graduate at this event.  Affidavit forms will be sent to you (see registration form).  Signed affidavit(s) must accompany your doll(s).  You may enter more than one doll with affidavit in a competition.  (Junior and Senior Categories are not eligible.)

Any ribbon must be less than two years old at the time of completion of requirements for titles, except Triple Crown title that allows for four (4) years.

You must be a member of D.A.G. to enter a doll with affidavit.

Your affidavit will be accepted even if you are not enrolled in DAGSD.

To receive your title, you must have enrolled in DAGSD and have paid the fee (one fee for each title).  Payment must have been received at least four (4) months before planned graduation date.

All seminar points must be completed at least two (2) months prior to graduation.

If you expect to graduate at this event, check the list posted by doll Check-in, and the final list posted after judging is completed.  (Triple Crown titles will be bestowed at D.A.G. Events).

For complete information about DAGSD, please contact the seminar office at Doll Artisan Guild, 233 Cherokee Trail, Pensacola, FL, 32506.  Phone (607) 432-4977, Fax (607) 441-0460, Email or contact the local competition organizer.

* This information is now available at the DAG website,, click on "Our School"

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