Doll News

I hope that everyone will be having a wonderful Easter.  I have been working hard on our show stuff.  We now are listing classes on the website.  I am also working on getting items together for an on-line store to add as well.  I need Sam to help me with the shopping cart, etc., so that will have to wait until he is out of college for the summer.  I also just got the info.  for two shows coming up this Fall.  The Doll Artisan Guild International Convention in Hamilton, N.Y., Oct. 22-24.  For more info., or to sign up, go to .  The second show is Steve and Fumiko Plumlee's show Oct. 16-17 at Mystic Farms.  See all their info. at

If you have a show you are attending or a class that's happening, let me know.  If we all stick together we can make it.  Dollmakers Unite!!

That's all for now,